Lorraine Crosby Session Singer for Meatloaf and Jim Steinman

Hello! I’m Lorraine Crosby, a professional singer based in The North East of England and this is my new website. If you have heard me sing and you live in Britain it may well have been at one of the many shows I perform right across The UK. If you live somewhere else you may have listened to my voice as the featured female lead on Meat Loaf’s worldwide hit “ I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” which was a single lifted from his “Bat Out Of Hell II” album. I recorded the Meat Loaf session…….

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Get my music via itunes

imageThis panel will feature details of where and how you can hear (and buy?) my music via itunes. The next bit of text is just some gibberish to fill a gap until we get the site functioning properly.can be useful to explain the type of post or other characteristics of the site page. It is usually the first part of the read-more, so I hope to make it clear what is to be read and what not. 

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Recording With Meat Loaf: “I’d do anything for love”


imageI was the featured lead female vocalist on Meat Loaf track “I’d Do Anything For Love” which was recorded while we were in Los Angeles working with Jim Steinman on my “Mrs Loud” project and it was my alter ego Mrs Loud rather than Lorraine Crosby who was credited on the record sleeve (my idea and my mistake as it turned out but you live and learn I Suppose?).
As this site develops I’ll go into more detail about both the sessions for Meat (my voice is on loads of other tracks on the “Bat Out Of Hell II” album) but in the meantime

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Bernard Edwards of Chic

Bernard Edwards Lorraine Crosby Stu Emerson

Bernard Edwards
When we signed to MCA we decided that although we were basically embarking on a project that had its roots in rock music we should engage the services of a record producer who had a “pop” sensibility to help ensure that we would eventually become so rich that we could afford to be carried around in sedan chairs.

This decision, combined with the fact that we also needed a bass player for the sessions

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Jim Steinman and America

Jim Steinman and Lorraine Crosby

Stu and I were managed for a while by the legendary songwriter, producer and larger than life music industry icon Jim Steinman
A big fan of epic songsmith Jimmy Webb (McArthur Park) and Classical King of Overkill Wagner Jim is a fully paid up member of the Phil Spector school of “everything but the kitchen sink” record production (although it must be pointed out in all fairness that Jim is much less likely to shoot you in the face!).

Even the name of this project (we decided on Mrs Loud rather than Lorraine Crosby) was a reflection of the “over the top”

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Stu Emerson and Lorraine Crosby


This is me with Stu. my partner in crime (and in life) since we met way back in the last century. Stu writes and plays with me and apart from all of that he is a cracking recording engineer/producer. More about Stu and I and how we work in the studio later but in the meantime back to the web designers and all of that Latin malarkey.

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Bonnie Tyler – Friend and Collaborator

Bonnie Tyler and Lorraine Crosby Onstage

Bonnie Tyler. “Rock Chick”, friend and collaborator. Time around Bonnie is never time wasted and the latin gibberish below will soon be replaced with some stuff about me and my mate? in the meantime till those web people get time to sort themselves out its back to the latin stuff?

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Early Days

"Mrs Loud" Album CoverThis bit will cover the early days from growing up in Walker in Newcastle until turning professional

The Voice and Other Video

Here is the video of my recent appearance on BBC TV’s “The Voice”

Frankie Miller Project

"Mrs Loud" Album Cover
Stu and I are currently having loads of fun in the studio adding vocals and guitars to tracks featuring Scotland’s legendary Vocalist Frankie Miller. I can’t wait to tell folks more about it!